Friday, October 30, 2009

1959 Putnam City High School Class Reunion on October 24, 2009 at Coles Garden

Fall has arrived in all the seasons glory of color

"A Spot For Tea" provided the food for the evening

Pasta Salad and croissants were just a part of the Buffet Dinner

Darla Clouse was in charge of the beautiful Dessert Table. Classmates provided the excellent assortment of cakes, cookies and brownies.

Appetizers consisted of shrimp cocktail and fiesta cheese ball and crackers were plated for the guests

Decorated pumpkins were created by Karen Otto a member of the class of 1959

Guests were ready to have their appetizers for the evening

David Moninger and his wife Judy Moninger, co-owners and a graduate of Putnam City High School in the Class of 1959 hosted the Class Reunion

Eric Seibert and his wife Tammy Siebert who own "A Spot For Tea" was the caterer for the PCHS 1959 Class Reunion.

Janice Stone is the Banquet Hostess